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MAA FOCUS is the newsmagazine of the MAA. It contains information about MAA activities, news about mathematics and the mathematical community, and lively articles about interesting new (or sometimes not so new) ideas in mathematics, mathematics education, and related areas. It is published six times a year and is received by all members of the MAA.

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2017 - February/March | April/May

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Past Issues of MAA FOCUS


Information for Authors

We are always looking for news items and articles that will be of interest to MAA members everywhere. If you'd like to contribute, here are some guidelines: (Read more)


Editorial Deadlines

December/January - JMM preview issue
Deadline: End of September

February/March - JMM coverage
Deadline: Beginning of November
JMM-based news: Middle of January

April/May - MAA MathFest program
Deadline: Beginning of February

June/July - Call for MAA JMM papers
Deadline: Beginning of April

August/September - Coverage of MAA MathFest
Deadline: first of June (Mails: after MAA MathFest)

October/November - JMM program
Deadline: Middle of August

Issue date: 
April, 2017