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Panels, Poster Sessions, and Workshops Proposals



JMM Submission Deadline: April 15 in the year preceding JMM
MathFest Submission Deadline: December 15 in the year preceding MathFest

Panel Session Proposals Information

MAA panel discussions are typically scheduled for 80 minutes. A panel should include 3-5 panelists along with a moderator, and the proposal should include a list of planned or prospective panelists. The structure of a panel can include introductory remarks from each panelist, but there should be ample time for questions and discussion. Interactions between panelists, as well as interactions between the panel and the audience, are important parts of a successful panel session. Your proposed title should be clear and specific, and should make clear the intended audience for your panel.

In Additional Notes, please include any additional information that may be relevant to session selection. This can include justification for why the session should be run and any other information you wish the committee to consider.

Poster Session Proposals Information

An MAA poster session allows for many people with interest in a specific topic to share their work. Proposals should suggest a specific topic of interest to the community – please explain why you think your session will attract presenters. Organizers are then responsible for soliciting and selecting participants. An organizer's email address will be listed along with the title and description of the session in the meeting announcement in MAA FOCUS. The MAA provides tables and tri-fold cardboard backing for the posters presented at MAA poster sessions.

In Additional Notes, please include a proposed maximum number of posters that can be accepted.

Workshop Proposals Information

An MAA workshop is a hands-on, interactive session, and is also typically 80 minutes in length. Topics of past successful workshops include creating quality job applications, demonstrating an interactive pedagogy, or working on an activity like paper-folding. Including co-organizers or potential helpers in your proposal is recommended. Your proposal's title should be clear and specific, and should make clear the intended level and audience for your workshop.